Supplemental Instruction

What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) aims to improve student performance in classes by offering bi-weekly sessions taught by specially trained graduate students. Known as “Supplemental Instruction Leaders,” these graduate students serve as models of master students and knowledgeable teachers.  SI sessions use course content to teach valuable study skills to students – what to learn with how to learn it. SI Leaders teach students to process course material more effectively through modeling and discussing the critical thinking skills important for that discipline.

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My Involvement in SI at UT:

  1. Supplemental Instruction Supervisor (2013-2014) –  I was responsible for training, observing, teaching and designing weekly seminars on pedagogy, and providing feedback to Supplemental Instructors (Graduate Students) in the Liberal Arts (primarily History and American Studies).  At the start of every semester, I worked with the Sanger Learning Center and other Supervisors to develop SI pedagogy training sessions and orientations. These “crash-courses” in pedagogy provided Instructors with the building blocks necessary to be successful in their SI sessions.  Throughout the semester I met weekly with my SIs to further their pedagogical training and observe their sessions. Topics covered included: Teaching Writing; Effective Communication in the Classroom; Teaching with Technology; How to Prepare Students for Exams; Conflict in the Classroom; and Active Reading.
  2. Supplemental Instruction Leader (2011-2012)– For both the History Department and The Thomas Jefferson Center for Core Texts & Ideas, I designed and taught twice weekly sections of Western Civilizations in Medieval Times and Early Western Colonialisms.  These sections integrated course content with study skills.  Special attention was paid to developing students’ writing skills as both courses required a research paper.  Typical sessions included: Note-Taking; How to Read Secondary Sources; Primary Sources: A How To Guide; Using the Library and Electronic Resources; Thesis Statement Workshop; Citations; Paragraphing
    Supplemental Instructors are provided with pedagogical training both before and during the semester, meeting with their Supervisor and the Sanger Learning Staff.  These pedagogical training sessions helped SIs gain valuable knowledge of best teaching practices while also learning about cutting-edge pedagogical innovations.

Teaching resources and materials I developed for SI can be found in my Resources page.