Bookshelf 3

Over the past several years, I have developed the following resources to help my students achieve success in survey-level, mid-level, and graduate courses. Because of I have seen many individuals using my resources without attributing the resources properly to me, I have removed a number of these from public viewing. If you’re interested in learning about any of the resources listed that do not have a link, please contact me.

When using any of these resources, please provide proper attribution of my intellectual property.

The Historian’s Toolbox Series (For undergraduate, (mostly) survey courses):

Reacting to the Past Assignment Resources

Teaching Writing to Undergrads:

  • Brainstorming a Paper Topic
  • Citations
  • Outlining, Intro & Conclusions
  • Thesis Workshop

Teaching Pedagogy (Intended for Instructors, Graduate Student Instructors, K-12 Teachers):

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Discussion-Based Teaching
  • Learning Styles
  • Fundamentals of Course Design