Twitter Conference 2017

On August 24, 2017, I presented a paper via Twitter titled, “Filles du Roi: Reproductive Vessels of New France,”  in my first Twitter conference as part of the Beyond 150: Telling Our Stories Conference. 

See the above Twitter “Moment” for my tweets, slides, and responses.

As the organizing committee of Beyond 150 explained:

With this conference we hope to diversify the historical narrative and uplift marginalized historical perspectives. This event is designed to encourage collaboration, public engagement, and spark discussion about Canada’s history in a way that is accessible to everyone.

The format of the conference is modeled after the Public Archaeology Twitter Conference. Designed with no conference fees and no travel costs the online platform of Beyond 150 aims to breakdown barriers and stimulate discussion across the country and across multiple disciplines.

During the Beyond 150 conference each presenter will be allocated a fifteen minute period to present their work in a 12-15 tweet conference paper.  This presentation will be followed by an additional fifteen minute period for discussion and questions. Presentation tweets can be text based (within the 140-character limit), consist of slides and/or graphics, or combine both approaches. A presenters guide with information about tweet formatting and guidelines be released prior to the conference.

The conference theme #Beyond150CA is rooted in a desire to critically discuss the historical interpretation of Canada.  This is particular relevant in 2017 – the year of celebrating Canada that has been rife with controversy around historical narratives. Beyond 150 aims to extend conversation beyond mainstream historical tropes and engage critically with the varied, diverse, and storied past of the land we now call Canada.